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Bridal Shower Dresses Biography

As if I haven’t mentioned it enough, I loved my shower and I loved all the little details. I don’t know how MOH Copper and the other ladies came up with or found half of this stuff, but it’s too good not to share!!

First up: gifts. It seems that the norm for bridal showers is to buy off of the couple’s wedding registry, which I’m totally game with. There’s nothing better than ripping open some wrapping paper and discovering a much needed new toaster or fancy matching dish set.

However, I personally believe that there is something to be said about getting non-registry gifts. I know not everyone is as OK with this idea as I am, but honestly? Some of my favorite gifts were non-registry items!

For example, MOH Copper got me a “special moments” wine basket (that may have a more official name, but that’s what I’m calling it).

I’ve seen other bees talk about this kind of gift before, but as a bride actually receiving it, I’m going to tell you that it’s an awesome gift to get. If you’re thinking about it, do it! (My ladies also took it one step further and included little note cards for us to open throughout the months/years ahead…I can’t wait to get my hands on those, eventually!)

Next up is the absolutely precious and heartfelt little fox print I shared with you previously from my step-mom. Yes, I’m showing it to you again because I LOVE IT THAT MUCH.

Now I know we all don’t have little blogger monikers that we go by, but almost every couple has something that they particularly relate to, whether it be food or an animal or a video game, etc. If you know what that special something is for a couple, why not commemorate it with a little drawing or print? I’m telling you, I didn’t know how much I wanted this little print until I got it. Such a wonderful, unique gift!!

Moving on, we have the wedding-day emergency kit that I think I’ve talked about a bajillion times. Always a good idea in my opinion, especially when packaged in a cute Vera Bradley travel case.

Another cute non-registry gift? The Here Comes The Bride box from Birchbox that I got in the mail from my friend Meg, who couldn’t make it to the shower!

I was beyond thrilled when I opened this little box up…it’s genius!! And I will totes-magotes use everything in it. Lurve.

Last but not least, we have the recipe cards that MOH Copper included in the invites and had everyone fill out before the party. I now have the beginnings of my very own recipe book!

I mean, with recipes called things like “Impossible Bacon Pie” and “Gooey Coconut Dream Bars,” how could you go wrong?! Also, that BBQ venison recipe up there? Legit. I haven’t had it since I was a kid and I am SO excited to try it out again!

OK, enough with the gifts. Let’s move on to games!!

The first one we played was a “How Well Do You Know the Bride?” questionnaire. Basic, but still fun…and whoever got the most right won a fun little gift!

I have to tell you, it was hysterical hearing some people’s answers to these questions; two people even said my favorite book was the Bible. I mean, I know my parents are pastors, but…no. Sorry, Mom.

Next up was the purse game. Another standard, but they had some good stuff on the list, and I think my mom ended up winning this one! (She’s also likely the only person with a photo of me in her wallet, so that helped.)

Last but most certainly not least was the best. game. ever. MOH Copper read the excerpt below, and every time she said LEFT or RIGHT, you had to pass the prize around the table you were sitting at in that direction.

I honestly have no idea what she actually said…I was so focused on passing the prize and getting confused on what direction I had to go in that it completely went over my head. Either way, it was a super fun and incredibly entertaining game!!

Thus ends the gift and game highlight reel of my shower. Are you a fan of non-registry gift items? What was the best (or worst) one you received.
Are you looking for sample Mother of the Bride wedding speeches? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’m just gonna go direct straight to the point and tell you that right down below are two samples of full-length Mother of the Bride wedding speeches that have been used in the past in actual weddings, and have garnered favorable response from the reception audience.

Before we proceed, there are some things that you need to know about the sample speeches below. First, the two speeches focus in on four essential things, mainly: the introduction, the message to the bride, the message to the groom, and then of course the toast. While it is highly recommendable that you add more to this, maybe even add jokes and anecdotes and other pieces of advice, these four essential aspects of wedding speeches Mother of the Bride are enough to call the speech a success.

Also, there are quite a few differences in the two speeches. The first one is more about describing the daughter and all her amazing qualities, as well as welcoming the groom into the family. The second speech is more emotional, with expressions of love as the centerpiece of the speech, with a few pieces of advice scattered all throughout.

So, without further ado, here are two samples of Mother of the Bride wedding speeches! I hope you learn a lot from them and you become inspired as you write your own Mother of the Bride wedding speech. And by the way, congratulations!

Example Speech 1: The Complimentary Type
Good afternoon, everyone, my name is Annie and I’m the mother of the bride, if you didn’t know until now. My husband and I gladly welcome everyone who has come here to this wedding, especially those who’ve come from far places just to witness the union of our daughter, Sandra and our now son-in-law Terry. We would also like to thank everyone who helped in making this wedding a success, from the caterers to the bridesmaids. You have made the most amazing day of my daughter’s life much more amazing.

Sandra, Sandra… You look beautiful today. In fact, I know no one would be against me in saying that you are the most beautiful thing in this reception hall today. I am so lucky that you are my daughter and this moment, for me, is bittersweet, as I witness you transform into a wife and see you go permanently to the arms of our son-in-law, Terry.

Aside from the fact that my daughter is alluring and stunning, Sandra to us is many things. She’s smart, opinionated, independent and willful. Even as a kid she has always been out to get what she wants in life and she never stops until she gets it. That is why when she told me that Terry was going to be the person she will marry, I just said to myself, “Poor Terry, he’ll never know what’s coming towards him.”

All jokes aside though, we know that Terry is the perfect match for our daughter and we are very proud to finally have you as a son-in-law. You’re a truly great guy – smart, strong, and responsible – basically everything all mothers want for their daughters to have. I am honored to welcome you to our family.

At this time I’d like to propose a toast. To the bride and groom — here’s wishing you a lifetime of wedded bliss!

Example Speech 2: The Emotional Type
Hello one and all, good afternoon. I am Tessa and I am the mother of the bride. It doesn’t happen often that the mother of the bride speaks in the reception, but nonetheless, I went out of my way to take this opportunity. This rarely happens in a woman’s life and this will really be a memorable moment for me and my daughter who is now married to her husband, Aaron. There are a lot of familiar faces out there, and I want to tell you all how pleased we are to welcome you here today.

There are only a few things I’d like to say to my daughter, and I’ll make them count: Mary, you are so beautiful today on your wedding. I love you so much and as such I hope your marriage will be something that is fulfilling and satisfying, the same way that we have experienced it too with your father. I’ll tell you a few things that you already know: marriage is a long-term commitment and you should be strong to be able to weather the bad times so that you can celebrate the good times. I know you have the maturity to make your marriage with Aaron a worthwhile one. I know that you and Aaron will verily honor your promises at the altar, and you’ve set yourselves up for a lifetime of love and unwavering happiness.

Aaron, we welcome you to the family! Please understand that even though she’s now in your arms, Mary will always be our little girl and we ask that you take care of her. Embrace her for everything she is and she is not. I know the two of you will be very happy together. It is with great joy that we welcome you to our family on this special day.

Without further ado, I’d like everyone to raise your glasses in honor of the bride and groom – here’s to many years of love and laughter ahead!

Free Designs Photos Pics Images 2013

Free Designs Photos Pics Images 2013

Free Designs Photos Pics Images 2013

Free Designs Photos Pics Images 2013

Free Designs Photos Pics Images 2013

Free Designs Photos Pics Images 2013

Free Designs Photos Pics Images 2013

Free Designs Photos Pics Images 2013

Free Designs Photos Pics Images 2013

Free Designs Photos Pics Images 2013

Free Designs Photos Pics Images 2013

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